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Born and raised in Tennessee, Madison has been an artist since she was very young. Since being artistically inclined and needing a new outlet, it only made sense for her to extend her creativity into the world of cosmetology. Her attention to detail and background has allowed her to bring forth variety and a sense of uniqueness into her work. Her artistic perspective combined with experience in the salon has allowed her to perfect the craft of coloring, cutting and styling. Her willingness to try new things and step outside of the box is perfect for anyone looking for something new, refreshing, or just to bring their vision to life. “I’ve found that the line between admiring great art and great hair is blurred, they both require the same amount of effort and elicit the same feeling from everyone when done beautifully.”
In her free time she also tends to her growing indoor plant collection and her 10 year old chinchilla Kenny. 


Check out Madison's IG below:

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