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Patrick Renfroe has been in the beauty industry since he was 19 years old.  He was educated at Aveda Institute in Nashville, TN, then became the protégé of a L'Oréal Master Stylist in Franklin, TN.  

Patrick loves the creativity that being a stylist offers.  He has an incredible eye for hair design, assuring that each client obtains a personal experience and feels beautiful.  Patrick enjoys being on wheels roller skate dancing and playing the fiddle in his free time.  If you're lucky, you might catch him skating in the salon.  

"I like to change peoples look.  I had a hair stylist sit me down once and talk me into a short hair cut with a textured top and I was enamored!  After rocking a long bang swoosh most of my life, I was excited to have a new cut and style that I loved.  Since then, I thought being a hair stylist was the coolest job." - Patrick

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