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Ruth Brandon discovered her passion for styling hair when she was a child.  When she was around 10 years old, her dad bought her a how-to book all about braids.   She was fascinated and taught herself how to do every braid in the book, using her sisters and mom as models.  After mastering braids, Ruth forced her brother to allow her to cut his hair resulting in her finding her calling.  

Since the beginning of her career, Ruth says she has been blessed to work along side and under her mentor, Diane Spencer.  Ruth has a creative eye and has fine tuned her talent for coloring, cutting and styling hair.  Her desire is for every client to feel confident and beautiful.  

Ruth exudes southern hospitality and her charm captivates everyone who sits in her chair.  In her free time, Ruth enjoys supporting local businesses and music.  Follow Ruth on her social medial!

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